Town Celebrates Wedding

Wade Wilson, the well known Kamiah druggist, and Miss Beulah McCarty, one of that city’s most popular and attractive daughters, were married in Dayton, Wash., on July 25th, following which happy event they made a tour of coast and inland points by auto, covering a period of two weeks.

When Mr. Wilson returned to Kamiah his bride remained in Spokane for a few days’ visit with her sisters, Mesdames Rawson and Wallace. The folks at home were not appraised of the wedding but the absence of both parties at the same time had aroused their suspicions, and on Saturday a delegation of friends “casually” dropped in on the groom at his place of business and begun to make pointed remarks. Seeing the drift, he attempted to escape, but this had been anticipated and he was taken bodily into the hands of his friends. A delegation was sent to the home of his parents, Mrs. and Mrs. E.V. Wilson, who reside a couple of miles out of town, and there the bride was found and assisted into a waiting car and brought back to town, which proceeded to take a holiday and celebrate the union of two of its most beloved citizens. Church and school bells were rung, factory whistles were blown and a furious round of noise preluded a general parade up and down Main street. The happy day was concluded by a community ball given by the groom at the Odd Fellows hall.

This esteemed couple has a host of friends on the prairie who gladly join with their valley neighbors in extending congratulations and very best wishes for a long and blissful journey down the old, old train.

Source: Nezperce Herald, August 25, 1921.


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