He “Delivered The Goods.”

We noticed last week by the Idaho papers that Chancey Wallace, of Nezperce, has announced himself a candidate for the office of secretary of state. We hope the Idaho press and politicians will forgive us if we mix in this matter in Chancey’s behalf. To make a long story short, we “found” Chancey on the Kamiah grade, selling watermelons, some fifteen years ago and, being hard pressed, hired him for a printer. He soon demonstrated to us that he knew his business, in fact, he “delivered the goods.” After four years with us on the old Nezperce Herald, as state central committeeman of old Nezperce, we urged his appointment as state land selector for north Idaho. Receiving the appointment he applied himself to his work and was known by his superiors as the man who made good. Continuing in public service, he was appointed postmaster of Nezperce and so thoroughly did he master this later work that his reports were accepted by the government as received and with the exception of the first quarter none ever came back for correction. Mr. Wallace now comes forward and asks for your franchise for the high office of secretary of state. If you nominate and elect him you can rest assured that your trust will never be betrayed and that the state’s business will be conducted with the same care and precision as has characterized his public work in the past. As a true and disinterested friend we would ask you on primary day to remember Chancey Wallace, the man who has always “made good.”—Clarkston Republic.

Source: Grangeville Globe, August 31, 1916.


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