Dry Goods Change

W.C. McConnell To Go East To Maumee Street

Into New Store Building

To Be Erected By The Commonwealth Company.

Will Have Two Floors, and a Basement to Accommodate His Stock of Goods

W.C. McConnell, for many years the proprietor of the dry goods house on the corner of Winter and Maumee streets, has decided to move his establishment to a new location on East Maumee street, where he has leased the building to be put up in the near future by the Commonwealth company for a term of years. Though the plans for the building have not been actually adopted as yet it is understood that the building is to be completed by the first of March, at which time Mr. McConnell contemplates moving.

Soon after the tearing out of the shabby wooden buildings on East Maumee street between the Schmaltz store and the buildings now owned by the National Bank of Commerce, the Commonwealth company, composed of several of the directors of the National Bank of Commerce, was organized for the purpose of putting up a modern building on the property mentioned. Mr. McConnell has entered into an agreement with this company and when the building is finished he will be ready to take possession of it.

Mr. McConnell’s wishes are to be respected about the details of the building and it will be built with the express view of giving him the best kind of quarters possible. The dimensions will be 40×120 feet, and the McConnell stock will occupy not only the ground floor but the second floor and the basement as well. It is planned to make the rear of the ground floor a department entirely for ready-to-wear apparel, with the remainder of the first floor devoted to the legitimate dry goods stock. The second floor will be exclusively a carpet department, while the basement will fitted into a fine display of linoleums, etc.

The plans for the building have not yet been received, but it is to be two stories with pressed brick front, and handsome plate glass windows. Another novel feature will be the glass and steel awning over the windows, similar to those seen in the larger cities. The work of building the store will be commenced as soon as it is possible.

Source: Adrian Daily Telegram, August 23, 1909.

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