Dr. Rorick Will Head Hospital

Former Superintendent Was Elected by Board of Trustees of Athens State Hospital, in Session Tuesday

New Head Will Be Here October 1st.

Dr. E.H. Rorick was elected superintendent of the Athens state hospital by the board of trustees of that institution, which was in session Tuesday afternoon and evening. The trustees completed their work Tuesday evening and have returned to their homes.

The action of the board was not entirely unexpected, although Dr. Cook of Barlow, a former assistant physician for many years, was considered a very strong candidate for the superintendency. It was generally known that Dr. Rorick was strongly favored by Governor Harris, as the two are old-time friends, and the former has long held positions with state institutions.

Dr. Rorick was superintendent of the Athens state hospital for many years, beginning his first term in the ‘90’s and continuing until October 1905.

He then resigned, but later acted as superintendent of the state institution for feeble-minded youth, located at Columbus.

Dr. Rorick will take up his duties at the local institution on October 1.

Source: Athens Daily Messenger, September 23, 1908.

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