Will Retire

Dr. E.H. Rorick Will Leave Institution Life Forever, After May 15.

At the meeting of the board of trustees of the State Institution for the Care of Imbeciles, Friday, it was arranged that the retiring superintendent, Dr. E.H. Rorick, should sever his connection with the institution on May 15. Dr. Rorick, speaking of his determination to quit the public service, said: “I would have remained but for the desire on the part of Mrs. Rorick that we get out of the work. I have been engaged in institution management eleven years, and my experience in the position I am about to vacate has been most pleasant. We will retire to my farm in Fulton county, and spend the balance of our days. My successor, Dr. E.J. Emerick, has my best wishes for his success. I believe he will be found to be the right man in the right place.”

Source: Athens Daily Messenger, April 20, 1907.


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