W.C. M’Connell

Has Returned From The World’s Fair

Also Heard Bryan In The Democratic Convention

W.C. McConnell and wife are home from the world’s fair at St. Louis and Mr. McConnell is enthusiastic over the fair as being a great and magnificent exhibition. He declares it is really too big. The distances are so great that one is actually tired out in the effort to see the many sights.

Mr. McConnell was fortunate in securing an elegant room with bath in a private house at the rate of $1.50 a day for the room and breakfast, which he considered exceedingly reasonable. He stated to The Telegram that there are many places in good locations where such accommodations can be secured. As stated above, his only objection to the fair is the fact of its immensity.

Mr. McConnell had the pleasure of attending the afternoon session of the Democratic national convention. He heard Bryan’s great speech in his fight against the “gavel rule” in the Illinois state convention. He had a very good location and could hear plainly. He said he was never in such hot quarters before. The Coliseum is called the “Peanut Roaster,” and Mr. McConnell declares it is properly named.

He said Bryan was on the right side of the controversy and his address satisfied the crowd. He said he had not heard Bryan since he heard him at the Chicago convention when he made his celebrated “Crown of Thorns” speech. He said his voice was not so finely modulated as it was at Chicago and showed the wear and tear of years. Mr. McConnell thinks Bryan has aged considerably in the past eight years, but was still able to hold his audience with force and power.

Source: Adrian Daily Telegram, July 11, 1904.

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