A New Location

W.C. McConnell Has Leased the Metcalf Stand


Expects to get Moved the Last of This Month

The question as to whether the Metcalf dry goods store would continue to be run in the Metcalf name was answered Tuesday night in the negative, W.C. McConnell having closed a three-year lease with the privilege of ten, with David Metcalf, the proprietor of the building.  This stand has been occupied for over 25 years by the Metcalf stock of dry goods, and as Mr. McConnell’s location in the Masonic temple seemed inadequate to his wants, it was an opportune time to make a change.

The Metcalf building is 50×100 feet in size, and will be greatly improved.  Among other features will be new hard maple floors, and modern fixtures, with other conveniences that will make this one of the largest and best lighted stores in the city.  A new cement sidewalk is also to be put down in the spring.

It is expected the new store will be ready for occupancy by the 26th or 27th of this month, when the goods will be moved at once to the new location.

Source:  Adrian Daily Telegram, November 6, 1895. 

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