Taken Up

TAKEN UP BY THE UNDERSIGNED, living on Mad River, about two miles from Fort Klamath, Lake County, Oregon, the following described property.

One dark bay mare, about 6 years old, black mane and tail, small star in forehead and about 15 hands high.

Also, one bright bay mare, about 3 years old, 15 hands high, star in forehead, near hind foot white, mane and tail black and has a scar on the near nostril.

Also, one sorrel mare, about 3 years old, star in forehead, small slip on nose, both hind feet white, no brands or other artificial marks perceivable on any of the above described animals, said estrays were taken up about December 20, 1877.

John Loosley.

Source: Albany Democrat, May 17, 1878.

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