Cupid In Queer Role


There is nothing new under the sun with little Dan Cupid, whoso caprices are as peculiar, occasionally, as they are persistent. Yesterday ho pulled off one of his most peculiar pranks. Charles Rorick, who runs a lunch stand on the levee, discovered that he had been captivated by Mrs. Carrie Pearce [sic], who is a character in certain circles and who is well known for her numerous adventures. Yesterday they decided they would celebrate the mutual feeling for each other with a wedding, and Justice Mays was called on. The pair wanted to be married in the bear cage in the rear of the Irish Village saloon, at Fifth and York streets, where a pet bear used to be kept. The justice refused and the couple consented to go to his office, where they were married. They returned to the saloon, however, and insisted that they be locked in the bear cage for a while. They were accommodated and for a few moments they amused their guests by appearing on dress parade in the bear cage. The festivities were brought to a close yesterday evening in the garden connected with the saloon, where some sixty guests assembled.

Source: Quincy Daily Journal, September 13, 1911.

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