They Copped the Copper

William Hayden and Charles Rorick were charged jointly in a warrant with having been guilty of destroying private property but when the case was called Attorney Coon announced that he had been retained to defend Rorick and therefore wished the defendants to be tried separately. The trial of Hayden was then proceeded with and when it was concluded and the defendant had been fined $5 and costs, $7.25 in all, Attorney Coon took a change of venue in the case and it was taken to the court of Judge Mays for adjudication Hayden admitted that he was in the company of Rorick when the latter went into the unoccupied saloon building, 218 North Front street, yesterday morning at about 9 o’clock, and testified that he and Rorick tore off the copper facing of the wash board behind the bars and tore out of the lining of the bottle box. This sheet copper they placed in a sack and were about to take it down to Rupp’s when Officer Tom Ryan, passing through Commercial alley, in the rear of the scene of depredation, saw the two men bearing a sack and dodging quickly out of view in the building. He entered and questioned them and found that Hayden’s left hand had been painfully cut. Both denied that anything was wrong but when the officer came upon the twisted copper they admitted that they had torn it from its fastenings. Rorick has a barber shop and restaurant at 216 North Front street, adjoining the vacant saloon building – formerly occupied by the late John Grave – has had access to the vacant room. The witnesses for the prosecution were Officer Ryan and William Binkert, of Binkert Bros., real estate agents. The officer testified to the facts of the arrest and Mr. Binkert testified to being agent for the building looted and that he had given no person permission to take away anything from the place or to destroy anything that was there.

When the attorneys and accused arrived at the office of Judge Mays the city asked for a change of venue and the case against Rorick was finally taken for trial to the court of Judge Bonney. There was a fine of $5 and costs was imposed on the defendant.

Source: Quincy Daily Herald, October 11, 1910.

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