Old Sleuth In The Toils

Detective McDonald, of McDonough County, Relieved of His Pistol and Locked Up

Trying Denouement of Hawkshaw Follower’s Search For a Runaway Wife.

Milton McDonald, the McDonough county sleuth, who carries a commission issued to him by the Grannan Detective Agency of Cincinnati, spent last night behind the bars of the city prison. He was footsore and tired and fell asleep shortly after being locked up at 8 o’clock last night. The revolver which he carried in a holster swung to his side just as you see them in the Wild West pictures, was taken from him and sold at a pawnshop by the police for $1, which sum was turned over the old man this morning when he was sent to the Q. station and started on his way home. The aged follower of Sherlock Holmes and Hawkshaw, the Detective, was arrested on the levee last night by Patrolman Ryan, who had been told that the rural detective was going about armed. Chief Ahern, knowing the prisoner to be an inoffensive person, was opposed to having him fined and on learning of his expressed determination to return to McDonough county he ordered him released.

Succeeded in Locating Runaway Wife.

As stated in The Journal Detective McDonald came to Quincy at the request of Charles Rorick, the Front street barber, whose wife skipped out last week with an individual known as “Zing Zang.” Rorick knew of the old man’s penchant for detective work and had him come here to work on the case. This is the same woman mentioned in yesterday’s Journal as having been offered to Detective McDonald last year for $100, but as that was nearly as much as good horses were selling for Detective McDonald rejected the offer. He was willing, however, to stand for the expense of divorce proceedings if her husband would let him have her that way. But as Rorick’s letter to McDonald at the time showed he had been offered $100 for his wife he declined to take less and as he did not want the first bidder to have her he kept her. McDonald was well acquainted with the woman, she having been his housekeeper for two years before she removed to Quincy.

On coming to this city the other day McDonald immediately set about hitting the trail of the runaway couple and yesterday he got a clew that they were over in Missouri. Purchasing himself a bulldog revolve for $1.50 he invaded the jungles of the great state across the river and during the day succeeded in locating the couple at Newt Holler’s place, a mile and a half west of Taylor, “Zing Zang” being employed there as a corn husker. With his right mitt restlessly fondling his trusty shooting iron the aged sleuth approached the house and with the aid of clever detective methods and smooth talk he induced Mrs. Rorick to consent to accompany him back to Illinois. “Zing Zang” was in the field, husking corn at the time and consequently there was no resistance offered, as the detective had anticipated.

Walked Back to Quincy.

Not having the money to spare for luxurious traveling in varnished cars Detective McDonald decided to walk his prisoner back to this city, a distance of seven or eight miles. It was hot day and noticing that he woman was becoming fatigued, the detective suggested that she enter a clump of timber and take off part of her wearing apparel, which he agreed to carry for her. Mrs. Rorick followed the suggestion, after which she moved along with a lighter step and the remainder of the trip was made without further incident.

On arriving here Detective McDonald, feeling good over his day’s work, entered Rorick’s barber shop and turned the erring wife over to her husband. The couple kissed and made up with the understanding that they would leave Quincy and go up to McDonough county to live with their benefactor on his farm five miles from Colchester.

After he saw man and wife were happily reunited again the kind-hearted old gentleman who had been the means of bringing about so joyous a state of domestic affairs, hastened up town to report his success to Chief Ahern and also chanced into The Journal office to tell of his success there. He also visited the states attorney and told him of his success.

By this time the old sleuth is no doubt back at the old farm, wearing the paint off plow handles, unless he has been stopping on the way to tell of his remarkable search for the runaway wife and his success in landing her back in the outstretched arms of her husband.

This ends the story of clever piece of detective work by “Old Sleuth,” the McDonough county detective.

Source: Quincy Daily Journal, September 28, 1905.

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