Girls Posing As Men Held For Robbery

Pair With Police Records Arrested in Drug Store Holdup

In the arrest yesterday of Eleanor Walling, 27, and Ada Randall, 24, in a hotel at 473 Ellis street, police believe they have two women who have masqueraded as men and staged a series of drug store holdups over a period of weeks.


Both women have police records. The Walling woman was arrested twelve years ago as a runaway girl at Santa Maria. In 1924 she was arrested in connection with the holdup of the Taft State Bank and sent to San Quentin. A year ago she was again arrested as the taxi bandit decoy who lured drivers to outlying spots for robbery at the hands of her companion. She served six months in the County Jail for this offence.


The Randall girl served a six months’ sentence in the County Jail for shoplifting. She was one of eight girls who escaped from the San Francisco Hospital in 1928 by binding the matron, Mrs. Lena Chambers, and using her keys.

In the girls’ room police found several suits of men’s clothing, which they are believed to have used in their operations. They are being held en route to Bakersfield.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, September 21, 1932.

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