BAKERSFIELD, May 23.—Eleanor Walling, charged with aiding in the robbery of the State Bank of Taft, March 13th, pleaded guilty to a charge of robbery late this afternoon before Judge H. A. Peairs in department two of the superior court. She will be sentenced Monday morning by Judge Peairs. Miss Walling recently confessed to complicity in the holdup of the State Bank of Taft, March 13th. when two men at the points of guns relieved the employes [sic] of $5,700 in cash and then escaped.

Following the robbery, Eleanor Walling and Bill Crockett were arrested. For more than one month the 20-year-old bobbed haired girl consistently denied any connection with the crime. Repeated grilling by Deputy Sheriff Phil Fickert and Detective J. N. Pyles of Pyles’ detective agency, working for the district attorney’s office, broke down the girl’s reserve and she made a complete confession.

Source: Madera Tribune, May 23, 1924.

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