Untitled (John O. Walling)

The editor almost by accident made a discovery yesterday which much interested and pleased him. Upon visiting J.O. Walling’s residence he found it a veritable artist’s studio. Externally his residence presents only an ordinary appearance. Internally however it is a little gem of artistic finish and furnishing. Walls are decorated with panels of choice grained woods, with chairs, table and cabinets made and painted, decoratively by Mr. and Mrs. Walling especially the latter, who displays natural talent of a high order. A floral fire screen contains such perfectly painted flowers that one finds difficulty in distinguishing from the genuine articles. An unfinished bouquet of rose promises to be a gem. Mrs. Walling while most successful in portraying flowers does not confine herself exclusively to them, as shown by portraits and other sketches on the walls.

Source: Lompoc Record, May 19, 1911.


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