Tragic Life Story of Sarah Rorick

A life ended at the county home this week which had many sad and even tragic elements. Sarah Rorick was a member of an old and at one time wealthy family living at Lowden. Business misfortunes resulted in the loss of wealth, and the death of the father left a widow and small children destitute. Grief and trail affected the mind of this gentle and cultured woman and she was sent to the hospital at Mt. Pleasant.

In 1883 she was brought to the county asylum and a few years lated [sic] was released from the asylum to become an inmate of the county home until February 29, 1896, when she went to live with W.H. Maxson near Springdale. She remained there until September 12, 1899, when she again returned to the home where her death occurred Jan. 2, 1916. She was born in Knightstown, Ind., July 31, 1836, and was 79 years, 4 month and 1 day old at her death. She had been at the county home nearly thirty years, being the second oldest inmate. The trials and misfortunes of this gentle sweet tempered and kindly old lady had never affected the disposition which endeared her to all with whom she came in contact. She never faltered in the Christian faith which sustained here.

Of the little boys who were thrown out on the world, one address is unknown. The other, William, came for her as soon as he was able to offer her a home. That was eighteen years ago, at a time when her mind was still weakened. She had become so attached to her surroundings that she refused to leave. He came again several weeks ago wanting to take her to his home in Los Angeles but she was then in her last illness. Yesterday the body followed by this son was taken to the old home at Lowden for burial. –Advertiser.

Source: Clarence Sun, January 13, 1906.

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