Walling & Patrick to Run the Opera House

The opera house will henceforth be run under the management of J. O. Walling and Walter Patrick, this understanding having been arrived at the latter part of the week.. By this arrangement Walling’s orchestra will furnish music for all occasions, theatrical and otherwise and the management will endeavor to give the public the best there is in- the line of amusements. Mr. Walling and family had intended to leave for Lemore Monday where they were engaged in theatre work, and had their personal effects packed and their tickets purchased, when their Lompoc friends delayed them with a bona fide offer of money to stay in this city. It was a most unusual proceeding and the petition circulated by Mr. Learned was signed by over forty persons pledging a dollar a month to keep the orchestra in this city. In return for their generosity the signers are entitled to a free ticket to a dance each month. Mr. and Mrs. Walling deeply appreciative of the action of the people here, were glad that an opening was made for them to make their home in Lompoc. They have secured one of the Robinson cottages on south G street, where they are at home to their friends

Source: Lompoc Journal, January 8, 1910.


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