Orchestra for El Pizmo

Walling’s orchestra has been engaged to furnish harmony at the popular resort of El Pizmo during the season, which begins on June 10th.  The band will include four person, Mr. and Mrs. Walling, their son Ersel, and a violinist from San Jose.  First class beach resort, first class music and a first class time for all who pass vacations at El Pizmo.—Santa Maria Graphic

Source: San Luis Obispo Morning Tribune, May 23, 1905. 

3 thoughts on “Orchestra for El Pizmo

  1. Could you provide some basic facts on this person, such as birth, parents, grandparents, how he fits in with the Roricks, etc.? Just need a little something to find him or add him to tree. Thanks.


    1. He is the son of John R. Walling and Mary Long and the grandson of Gabriel Walling and Lucy Rorick. The week starting after Christmas I have a series of posts about his daughter, Eleanor Walling, the “bob-haired bandit” or “the flapper bandit” who seemed to fascinate the newspapers after she robbed a bank with two accomplices in 1924.


    2. Also, he seems to have been married three times: to Fannie Rutledge in 1879, with whom he had Bert Thomas Walling (who also spent time in prison); to Eva Cook, with whom he had Eleanor and Ersel; and to Olivia Unknown, no children.


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