Untitled (Warren R. Mann)

After two years in service on the Vicksburg and other vessels in the vicinity of San Diego, during which period trips to Alaska, Honolulu and China were made, Warren R. Mann of McMinnville has taken services as captain of one of two gun crews on the new Portland-built ship West Indian, and leaves this week with the new boat for Virginia to have the guns mounted for transport service. This young man was but 19 years old in April, and had the privilege of spending his last birthday at home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Harris. He is a grandson of Mrs. John Toews of Wheeler, Or. He left the junior high school to enlist in the service and has made rapid advancement. His case is a notable one as illustrating how the young of the land, by application, can soon rise to prominent service with Uncle Sam. The young man was delighted with the privilege of this new responsibility.

Source: Oregon Daily Journal, May 19, 1918.

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