Untitled (W.C. Tyrrell)

The arrival of the “Nicaragua,” the ocean liner recently purchased by Cap Tyrrell, at the Beaumont, Texas, wharf last Wednesday, marked the most important epoch in the history of that city.  Thousands of people gathered at the wharf and greeted Mr. Tyrrell with rounds of applause and music.  Beaumont people feel that no honor is too great, no praise too lavish, no music too sweet to repay Mr. Tyrrell for the magnificence of his act in establishing to the world the fact that Beaumont is a port city. It will be remembered that Capt. Tyrrell purchased the Nicaragua—a detailed account of which was given in these columns several weeks ago—to be used as a freighter for the benefit of Beaumont and vicinity to make regular trips as long as trade warrants.  Beaumont is proud of the opportunity to claim Capt. Tyrrell as one of her citizens and we are proud of the fact that he is a product of Wright county. 

Source:  Wright County Monitor, May 8, 1908. 

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