Give Hallowe’en Party


Complimentary to Mr. and Mrs. Guy Gunkle of South Bend, the Misses June, Fern, and Mary Ayres, sisters of Mrs. Gunkle, entertained a company of friends last evening at their home in Miami avenue. The affair was a Hallowe’en party and the home was most attractively decorated with autumn leaves, pumpkin heads, cornshocks and Hallowe’en figures. Games, contests and dancing were enjoyed during the evening and an appropriate lunch was served at a late hour. Included in the company were Mary Sturkeon, May Grady, Charlotte Monohan, Maud Hinneman, Lillian Tanguy, Mrs. Roy Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Harry White, Mr. and Mrs. William Rehm, Carl Pensel, Tom Grady, Otto Hess, Dewey Studebaker, and Paul Dodds.

Source: Logansport Pharos-Tribune, October 31, 1916.

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