Britain Gets Soo Lawyer

Sutton to Represent England in Tragedy at Fort Brady Monday.

War Department Holds Gillette, and Will Not Deliver to Sheriff.

Sault St. Marie, Mich., July 23.—Late this afternoon the British government sent a message to Attorney E.S.B. Sutton, of this city, engaging him to represent the crown in the inquest into the death of Miss Elizabeth Cadenhead, who was shot and killed accidentally by Private Cyrus Gillette, who was pursuing a deserter.

When seen tonight Sutton said that he did not believe any international complications would result, but he said the British government will follow closely as Miss Cadenhead was a British subject.

Gen. MacArthur, commander of the department of the lakes, has wired the officers at the fort to hold Gillette and act in conjunction with the civil authorities in the investigation. He instructed the officers to wire him at once if any complications are liable to result, and to keep in close touch with him during the investigation.

Gillette has the sympathy of the military here, as he followed military orders in the firing. The inquest is still in progress tonight and an adjournment will be taken as it will be impossible to finish before tomorrow. Private Hodgson, the private fired at, says he wishes that it had been him who was hit instead of the woman.

Source: Detroit Free Press, July 24, 1907.

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