Uses Walnut Stain To Dye His Whiskers

Charles Rorick, the Levee Barber, Uses the Wrong Liquid in Performing a Job.

Charles Rorick, the barber, who conducts a barber shop on the levee, dyed a strangers whiskers with walnut stain, instead of the proper liquid which is generally used for the occasion. The mistake occurred Friday afternoon, when a middle aged man, evidently, from Missouri, entered the shop and after having a hair cut asked Rorick to dye his whiskers which were turning grey.

The barber, not having the necessary dye in the shop, and desiring to be accommodating, stepped next door to borrow the liquid and received what he thought was a bottle containing the dye, but instead contained walnut stain, which is ordinarily used on furniture.

He used the-stuff liberally on the strangers whiskers, and did what he considered a perfect job with the result that they were a glossy black. The customer seemed well satisfied with the work and made the remark the work was well done, and after paying the barber departed.

Shortly after he left the place Rorick discovered that, he had made a mistake and made an effort to locate the man and offer his apologies but failed to find him. The stranger did not return and evidently is well pleased with his varnished mustache.

Source: Quincy Daily Whig, September 2, 1906.

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