Dean of Mail Carriers (excerpt)

John D. Adams, the dean of Middletown mail carriers, is seriously ill at the Sanitarium in this city and his many friends are saddened thereby, for he is a “grand old man.” He was not only one of the first carriers of Uncle Sam’s mail in this city when free delivery was established but he has been one of the most faithful. Fair weather or four he was always to be found on his route, missing scarcely a day in more than a quarter of a century until his retirement a few years ago. In addition to being faithful and true to his duties, John D. Adams has been the friend of every man, woman and child along his route, always having a happy greeting, always accommodating, always there with a smile. He has gotten a great deal out of life and he has put a great deal into his [unintelligible].

Source: Middletown Daily Herald, November 24, 1924. There is a second paragraph to this story that is illegible.

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