Roricks Entertain

Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Rorick entertained Saturday evening, honoring Mrs. W.H. Merrick and Mrs. W.B. Bope, friends from Michigan, who have been visiting them.  Mrs. Rorick was assisted by her daughter, Mrs. C.L. Condon, Mrs. Jay Rorick and Mrs. Ward Webber.  Those invited to meet the honor guests were: Mrs. J.L. Thompson, Miss Laura Thompson, Mrs. Anna Lindsay, Dr. and Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Leon Curtis, Mrs. Johepa Fulton, Mrs. W.A. Johnston, Mrs. A.W. Moore, Mrs. Mary Logan, Mrs. Emma Carlisle, Mrs. D.M. French, Miss Anne Lang, Mrs. J.W. Condon and Mrs. J.C. Hostetler. Mrs. Merrick and Mrs. Bope spent the winter in California and stopped here to visit Mr. and Mrs. Rorick on their return to Michigan.  They have traveled extensively and enthusiastically declare the Oregon scenery surpasses any they have seen.  They resumed their journey Monday.

Source: The Dalles Chronicle, May 7, 1921. 

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