Untitled (W.C. Tyrrell)

The Rice Journal, published at Beaumont, Texas, has a feature article with picture of W.C. Tyrrell of that place in its August issue. Mr. Tyrrell is very well known in Belmond and Wright county, having resided here many years ago and at one time holding a county office. The articles gives some interesting items regarding Mr. Tyrrell’s activities in Beaumont which will be on interest to Wright county readers. Capt. Tyrrell is the largest individual tax payer in Port Arthur, Texas, and the second largest in the county. When he first went to Beaumont, in 1898, he purchased a 3500 acre farm near Beaumont and became interested in Rice growing. He added to the farm, which now contains 5000 acres, and is this year interest in 5000 acres of rice. He is direction and a large stockholder in San Jacinto Rice Company, president and principal stockholder in the Tyrrell Rice Milling Company, and heavily interested in the Cow Bayou Canal Company which he reorganized under the name of the East Texas Canal Company. Mr. Tyrrell is a stockholder and director in four banks and is interested in two hotels, a hardware, investment, and property holding companies, besides various activities of other [unclear]. He is known in Beaumont as “The Grand Old Man of Beaumont.”

Source: The Clarion Clipper, September 11, 1919.

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