Old Detective Locates Mary

Mrs. Rorick Is Found And Returns To Husband.

She Was Living with “Zing Zang” on a Farm Near Taylor and Returns to Her Husband—To Leave Quincy.

Milt McDonald, aged 62 years, has returned to his home between Colchester and Macomb. He has finished his work as a detective in the employ of the Grannon Tin Star agency of Cincinnati, and returned to the quiet, uneventful life of a ruralist. Last night he authorized Sergeant Harvey of the police department to dispose of his revolver and the sergeant sold it to Goldner, the second-hand dealer, for a dollar. Goldner inspected the weapon and offered for it fifty cents. The officer told him he would have to bid again or he would not get the weapon. It was then that Goldner doubled his offer and secured a weapon that when burnished up a bit will sell for $1.50 or $2.

Milt McDonald is the Sherlock Holmes referred to yesterday as being at work locating the runaway wife of Charles Rorick, the levee barber. She was formerly his housekeeper and Rorick had offered to sell her to him in consideration of $100. Tired of waiting for the consummation of the deal, Mary ran away with “Zing Zang” and was found on the farm of Newt Holler, one and half miles west of Taylor, by the detective.

“Zing Zang” was not at home and so the detective was not under the necessity of killing him incidental to bringing the cross-eyed wife back to her husband. She consented to return and appeared to be pleased when introduced to her husband last night.

Having completed his self imposed task the old detective called at police headquarters and begged a night’s lodging. He was completely tired out after walking all day and was sound asleep immediately after retiring. This morning was considerably refreshed and at 6 o’clock left his night’s lodging place for the depot and was soon on his way home.

One of the conditions under which Mary returned to Rorick was that he should sell his barber business in Quincy and move to McDonough county where she would be able to call on her old friend, Sherlock Holmes Old Sleuth McDonald, occasionally.

The old man is very much in love with the young woman.

The feeling of affection is reciprocated more or less.

Source: Quincy Daily Herald, September 28, 1905.

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