Aviators Land on Field at Devens

Visitors Confer on Needs for Manouevres

Special Dispatch to Herald and Journal

CAMP DEVENS, Sept. 27—The first airplane to visit this camp came unexpectedly this afternoon while the division was in training on the drill grounds and ranges. Worked ceased instantly to observe the biplane as it dropped from a high altitude and circled around for a good landing place, choosing the main parade field as the best.

Lt. Col. Adams, assistance chief-of-staff, reached the parade first and cleared a path for the machine. Men of the 35th and 73rd infantry regiments crowded round; even the men from the development battalion forgot their lameness to hurry over.

Lt. E.H. Rorick of The Dalles, Ore., the pilot, and Lt. C.F. Finter of Lyndhurst, Va., the observer, stepped out of the machine to receive a welcome from Lt. Col. Adams and Capt. Reid, assistant division adjutant. Provost guards had to form a cordon around the machine, so great was the crowd of interested soldiers.

The biplane left Long Island yesterday, but descended at Narragansett Speedway last night on account of the rain. The trip from Rhode Island was made without a stop. The purpose of the trip was to ascertain the needs of the general staff school for field manouevres next Monday and Wednesday. They rode out to Still River to confer with Lt. Michaud, the French instructor. Tonight they were entertained by the division headquarters staff and tomorrow depart for Long Island.

The plane was of the Curtiss type. Those to be used next week will be of the latest battle type, equipped with wireless and machine guns.

Source: Boston Herald and Journal, September 28, 1918.

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