Child So Drunk It Couldn’t Stand


Mrs. Seymour Crooks Alleges That Husband Gave Their Three-Year Old Daughter Beer.

In the divorce case against [sic] Eleanore Crooks against Seymour Crooks, it is charged that the husband at one time gave their three-year old daughter so much beer to drink that the child was unable to stand. Mrs. and Mrs. Crooks are residents of Alliance and were married in 1896. For three years past the plaintiff alleges, Crooks has been habitually in a state of drunkenness and has been extremely cruel. It is said that he would go to bed threatening to kill his wife and would keep her in a constant state of worriment by putting a razor under his pillow.

The petition for divorce was filed in common pleas court yesterday by Attorney Roach of Alliance. The custody of the four-year-old daughter is asked by the plaintiff.

Source: Stark County Democrat, August 8, 1905.

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