Right-of-Way Along Columbia.

Northern Pacific Agent Gets Deeds in Escrow.

WALLA WALLA, June 2.—Since the departure of J.T. Rorick, the right-of-way agent for the Columbia River Navigation company, who has headquarters at The Dalles, the people of Walla Walla wonder if a railroad will be built down the north bank of the Columbia to Vancouver. Last week Mr. Rorick was in the city and endeavored to obtain options on certain pieces of ground opposite Blalock’s and Arlington, Ore. The owners, who are Walla Walla residents, refused to give options, but consented to place in escrow in one of the banks of this city the deeds to the land after a deposit was made. The deposits were made and the deeds placed in the bank to be taken out and paid for in full on July 1.

To the residents of the city the actions of this company are a mystery. It is said that the Columbia River Navigation company was formerly a corporation formed to build railroads, but some time ago the stock was purchased entirely by the Northern Pacific. If this is true, the Northern Pacific is seeking a water grade to Portland and will not utilize the overland route from either North Yakima or Prosser to a point near Goldendale.

While the two roads have apparently reached an agreement as far as the public knows, it may be possible that the Northern Pacific is preparing to get to the sea by this route. The actions of the company are being watched with great interest by the O. R. & N. officials, to whom the news of such a move was entirely new.

Source: Tacoma Daily Ledger, June 3, 1905.

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