Back From His Annual Vacation

John D. Adams Has Enjoyed 30 of Them

“I have returned from enjoying my thirtieth annual vacation as an employe [sic] of Uncle Sam,” remarked Letter Carrier John D. Adams, to a Times-Press reporter. “Don’t you think Uncle is pretty good to me to have given me 30 of them?” The reporter assured the aged distributer of mail that he was certainly to be congratulated, and Mr. Adams proceeded to tell how engaged in the service the year before the big blizzard of ’88 and some of the difficulties encountered in getting the mail to the people at that time. He spent his recent vacation at Yankee Lake, where he has spent several others, always enjoying them, despite the fact that one of the most difficult things he has to do is cease work even for a brief season. Mr. Adams is a veteran of the Civil War, and consequently watches with special interest the movements in the present conflict.

Source: Middletown Times-Press, July 27, 1917.

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