W.R. Rorick Is Chosen President

Prominent Business Man Unanimously Elected Head of East Buffalo Live Stock Association.

W.R. Rorick, of the firm Sadler, Rorick & Co., and one of the best known and most highly esteemed citizens in Buffalo, was yesterday afternoon unanimously elected president of the East Buffalo Live Stock association. No other name was presented to the members of the exchange, and a motion to make the election unanimous was passed with dispatch. This is the first time in the history of the organization that such action was taken, there always having been a contest heretofore.

Other officers were elected were: Charles C. Mansfield, vice president; C.E. Maxwell, treasurer, and C.C. Mansfield, William Bickel, Dode Meeks, E.S. Nute, William A. Williamson, Russell D. Birchfield, C.W. Zimmer and W.R. Rorick, directors.

Mr. Rorick has been identified with the livestock business from many years and the members of the association over which he will preside until his successor is chosen are to be congratulated upon their wise action. He is well fitted from the presidency and the members may look forward to a prosperous and highly successful administration. Associated with Mr. Rorick in the firm of Sadler, Rorick & Co., is Edward C. Laux, one of the young hustlers in the big game of East Buffalo.

Source: Buffalo Enquirer, February 6, 1914.

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