Cold Wave Grips State And Many Deaths Reported

Lehigh Valley Track Walker Frozen to Death While Fulfilling His Duties


Man and Woman With Weak Hearts Perish After Exposure to Frigid Blasts

Towanda, Pa., Jan. 14.—Joseph Hardenstine, a Lehigh trackwalker, froze to death while fulfilling his duty yesterday. He was walking along the track, looking at the nuts and bolts as his duty required and was seen to slip and fall.

Section hands working about half a mile away, hurried to him when he did not rise, and found him froze stiff.

The body is so badly frozen that it is impossible to learn whether or not he suffered an attach of heart failure. He was 59 years of age. A farm house several rods from where Hardenstine met his death registered 9 degrees below zero at the time.

Dies in Warmer Atmosphere

Kane, Pa., Jan. 14.—The cold weather caused the death of Mrs. Mattie Corey, of Medina, N.Y., who has been visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Benson, of Sheffield, near hear, after a visit with some neighbors which exposed her to the cold. She returned to the Benson home, and sitting down in a chair, started to take off her rubbers, when she toppled to the floor, dead. The severe weather had affected her heart.

Source: Wilkes-Barre Evening News, January 14, 1914.

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