Pioneer Found Dead.

Gabriel Walling, Who Crossed Plains in 1854, Dies Suddenly.

Gabriel Walling, who crossed the plains in 1854, and made the Willamette Valley his home from that time until his death, was found dead in his bed yesterday morning, by his son, Frank Walling, with whom he has made his home in his old age.

Mr. Walling was born February 26, 1836. After coming to Oregon he settled at Amity, Yamhill County. He has been closely associated with the history of the Willamette Valley since that time and is widely known by old residents. He was for years employed as a steamboat engineer, and later worked in Portland as a carpenter. His uncle, Albert G. Walling, is said to have been Portland’s first printer. Six children survive him: John E., who lives at Mabel, Linn County; George G., F.M. and Roy G., who live in Portland; Walter C. and Nellie E. Walling, who live in Salem.

Source: The Morning Oregonian, January 16, 1904.

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