Declares Old Man Mentally Sound

Court Removes Guardian—Plaintiff Says Children Feared His Will.

Jesse W. Walling, for whom the Union Trust & Savings bank was appointed guardian last January, on the petition of his children, today was declared by Judge W.A. Huncke competent to handle his own affairs.

Walling is 78 years old and is possessed of considerable property. Te [sic] alleged that his children J.A. [sic] and J.R. Walling and Lizzie C. Elbert, unjustly had him declared mentally irresponsible in order to prevent him from amking [sic] a will, fearing that he would not leave his property to them.

He showed during the two days’ trial that his children made land trades with him during the time they said he was mentally incompetent and other evidence introduced by Walling satisfied the court that the guardian appointed last January should be removed.

Source: Spokane Chronicle, September 26, 1913.


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