Hundreds To Hear Dr. Fuller Tonight

Will Give Lecture On “Ten Days in Ireland” At The Methodist Church.


Program Will Be Given Under Auspices Of the Epworth League at Eight O’Clock.

“Cost a dollar and worth twice the price,” has been the general comment of those who have paid admission to hear Doctor M.D. Fuller give his famous lecture on “Ten Days in Ireland.” Tonight at the Methodist the lecture will be given free under the auspices of the Epworth league and hundreds have already expressed their intention of being on hand when the doors open at 7:30 o’clock.

Doctor Fuller has proven himself a magnetic speaker in the pulpit and those who will avail themselves of the opportunity of hearing him tonight will doubtless be convinced that he is all that has been said of him.

The program is being conducted under the uspices [sic] of the Epworth league of the Methodist church. The League has decided not to charge admission, but it is understood that a silver offering will be taken.

On his ten day vacation spent in Ireland Doctor Fuller has gathered considerable information and the story of his trip is told in a manner that is educational, amusing and extremely interesting, keeping his audience in one continuous uproar of laughter and applause.

Many Bemidji people consider it a rare treat to secure the delivery of this lecture at this time and arrangements are being made to care for a big attendance.

Source: Bemidji Pioneer, September 26, 1913.

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