Remains of Drowning Victim Shipped East

Funeral services over the remains of Glenn Brodt, who was drowned Sunday, October 15th, were held at the residence of Mrs. Alice Veit, the Rev. R.B. McCain officiating.  E. [sic] Brodt, father of the young man, arrived in Lompoc last Saturday from his home at Marlette, Michigan.  There were a great many floral tributes and other last tokens of respect and regard for the victim of the sad incident.

The remains were shipped to Marlette Monday. Mr. Brodt, accompanied by Mrs. Veit, left from home on the same train.  He planned on stopping off in Oakland for a brief visit in Oakland with sisters whom he has not seen from 50 years.  Mrs. Veit intends to visit in Marlette with the Brodts until after the holidays.

Source:  Lompoc Journal, October 27, 1916.

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