Visitor From Oregon.

Says He will Come Back to His Twin Falls County Land.

O.S. Pomeroy, who resides at Woodburne [sic], Ore., was calling on pioneers of the Twin Falls tract this week, and saying that he intends returning here to reside in the near future.

“I was one of the first settlers on this tract,” he explained, “and in fact secured No. 17 in the original drawing. I made my selection near Kimberly, and have come here now to see it has prospered. I find all over the tract are convincing arguments that everybody who has stayed and worked has prospered, and the development and growth exceeded anything I have ever seen anywhere.

“There was, during the first year at Kimberly, considerable typhoid fever, and, having a family which I thought a great deal, I decided to move somewhere else.

“We went up into the Northwest, and have done very well there; but I do not believe the opportunities are present anywhere in the states of Washington or Oregon which are present here. My farm near Kimberly is worth considerably more than what it cost me, and I think that next year I shall remove there, provided Mrs. Pomeroy agrees with me that it is best, because I understand that there is no more sickness on the tract since the discovery has been made that good domestic water is being obtained from well. My absolute independence is available through the land I own here, and I am looking for more ground.”

Source: Twin Falls Weekly News, November 26, 1909.


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