The Charges Are Serious

Serious Trouble May Await Mary Rorick.

Humane Officer Fowley is Looking Into the Case Before Beginning Court Proceedings

Humane Officer Fowley is investigating charges that have been made against Mrs. Mary Rorick, wife of a barber on Fifth street, near Oak. Before marriage Mrs. Rorick was Miss Mary Hamilton and she lived in the old cooper shop at Second and Vermont. She was 14 years old when her father died a year ago, and because of alleged intimacy with a young man named Hedges she was the cause of the arrest of the latter and he lay in jail for some time. The charges against the woman is that she is engaged in attempting to debauch young school girls. One the latter told her story to Assistant State’s Attorney Ingraham, yesterday, and there are others whom Humane Officer Fowley is looking up to see if this first girl’s story is susceptible of corroboration. If it is Mrs. Rorick is to be arrested and dealt with according to law. If the story the one little girl told in the state’s attorney be true, the offender ought to taught a lesson in decency and morality that she would not forget the rest of her life.

Source: Quincy Daily Herald, November 4, 1903.

2 thoughts on “The Charges Are Serious

    1. She was a wife of Charles H. Rorick, son of Gasper Hoyt Rorick and Sarah Reagan. They lived in Iowa. G.H. Rorick died at a relatively young age and Sarah was institutionalized for the the rest of her life. Their children were scattered, and Charles H. Rorick ended up in Quincy, IL, where he worked as a barber. He ultimately died of TB in Saint Louis.

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