Real Estate Offices of G.M. DeWitt

One of the most active brokers in Upper Montclair real estate is Mr. Gideon M. DeWitt, with offices at 605 Valley road, near the post office. Mr. DeWitt, by long experience and a natural aptitude for business, has acquired the confidence of a large number of property owners, who rely implicitly on his judgement in property values and in the care of rentals.

Many fine residences and building sites have changed ownership through the medium of Mr. DeWitt. Besides his real interests, Mr. DeWitt is the representative of several of the world’s largest fire insurance companies, and has been successful in placing many mortgages with leading institutions.

Real estate business entrusted to the house of which Mr. DeWitt is the head, is sure of prompt and efficient attention, as is attested by the large amount of business entrusted to him. The telephone number of the office is 900 Montclair, and his residence hone is 319-R Montclair.

Source: The Montclair Times, September 25, 1909.

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