Big Meat Company Dissolves

Had Stores at Springdale, Meyers Falls, Chewelah and Colville.

SPRINGDALE, Wash., April 13.—An important business deal was closed here yesterday, when the partnership existing for two years under the name of Stevens County Meat company, with retail markets at Colville, Meyers Falls, Chewelah and Springdale, was terminated, J.R. Walling of Springdale and W.H. Latta of Chewelah retiring. The Stevens County Meat company retains the markets Chewelah and Colville, Mr. Latta goes out of the meat business and J.R. Walling becomes sole owner of the Springdale Market, as well as the Dingle market at Deer Park, when he secured by purchase. Mr. Walling was the original owner of the local market before the company was formed.

Source: Spokane Spokesman-Review, April 16, 1909.

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