Lives Were Saved By A Shasta Pine Tree

REDDING, July 14.—Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Dobrowsky of Redding had a narrow escape from instant death Sunday while autoing in their Ford runabout up to the McCloud river to enjoy a day’s fishing. Their automobile went off the grade about a mile and a half south of Baird, and only the sturdy presence of a pine tree prevented their being dashed down a straight fall of fifty or seventy-five feet. They were coming down the steep grade, which is remarked for the number of sharp curves, and were very near the bottom of the hill, having only two or three more turns to make, when something went wrong with the steering gear, causing the machine to run off the grade instead of turning the corner.

The runabout plunged from the road on the left-hand side and was going very slowly at the time. This fact probably saved the couple from very serious injury. As it was Mrs. Dobrowsky was pinned under the machine so that her husband had to get out his jackscrew in order to lift the car to release his imprisoned wife. One arm was pinned under the machine, and a limb of a pine tree was in painful proximity to her back. As it is, Mrs. Dobrowsky received a painful bruise on the eye, and was roughly thrown against the tree that saved their lives.

The autoists walked to Baird, where they sent men out to rescue the machine, while they enjoyed fishing as first planned.

Source: Sacramento Union, July 15, 1908.

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