Visits Old Home.

Morton Tyrrell, a former well known Ferndale boy, arrived in the Cream City Tuesday on a several days’ business and pleasure visit in this locality. Mr. Tyrrell is now located in Los Angeles, where he is engaged in the real estate business, and where he has been very successful in that line since his residence in the southern city. From Morton we learn that his parents, R.S. Tyrrell and wife, have been spending the winter in Los Angeles for the benefit of Mrs. Tyrrell’s health, which is reported quite good at present. About the first of the month however, they expect to return to their home in Fruitvale, near Oakland. Morton also informs us that his brother, Frank Tyrrell, is also located at Los Angeles, where he is engaged in the practice of law. Frank has succeeded in building up a lucrative law practice and is also prominently identified with the Lincoln-Roosevelt Club in that city. The gentleman is one of the most gifted and eloquent speakers on the coast, and his services are always in demand on all public occasions in the City of Angeles. Other ex-Ferndalers mentioned were John and Will Sage, sons of Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Sage, of the Island. John is conduction a commission house in Los Angeles and is reported to have made a decided success of his business. Will Sage makes his headquarters at Hanford, but as he is engaged in the real estate business his work takes him over the greater portion of southern California. Will is said to be a great success as a real estate dealer, and has promoted many large land sales in different parts of the state. Mr. Tyrrell expects to reach San Francisco about the first of May and while in the city will view the fleet festivities.

Source: Ferndale Enterprise, April 17, 1908.

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