Scratch Causes Death.

As a Result of Game of Shinny Young Boy Lies Dead.

Salem, Ore., Feb. 24.—As a result of a small scratch upon the knuckle of the forefinger of the left hand, blood poison set in, and Fred Walling, the 16-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Walling, who reside near Lincoln, Spring valley, now lies dead at the home of his parents, and the latter are nearly prostrated with grief over the sad event, for the boy was the pride of the family, and, in fact, of the neighborhood.

Fred, in company with several other boys, on Tuesday of last week played a game of “shinny” at school, when he received a severe blow upon his left hand, which bruised it pretty badly, and made a slight abrasion upon the forefinger. Very little attention was paid to it at the time, but within a few days the finger began to get alarmingly sore, and a physician was called in.

Amputation was found necessary, but it seems that it was too late, for it developed that erysipelas of the bone had set in, and that it had gained such a good start that it was impossible to check it, and death was the result; and this took place at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon.

The boy was apprised of his condition the hopelessness of his case yesterday morning by his heartbroken mother, but he showed remarkable bravery and solicitation for the feelings of his mother, even at that trying moment, and calmly accepted the verdict of death, and told her not to worry, that he was ready to die.

Source: Morning Astorian, February 25, 1904.

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