Killed in a Snow Slide.

Robert Nichols and Jerome Mullaney Caught by a Snow Slide in Long Gulch.

Thursday night, Robert Nichols and Jerome Mullaney [sic] started, after supper, from the Blaine boarding house to go down to Silver City, upon snow shoes. Some other men having gone down the same evening and not seeing them in town, and they not returning to the mine in the morning, started the surmise that they might have been caught in a snow slide which had occurred in Long Gulch that night. A small party started out in the morning to search for them, tracked the prints of their snow shoes to the swath of the snow slide and road but no further and a search soon revealed one of the men’s hats. Then men were sent down from the mine and others came up from Silver City and digging for the lost men was begun in earnest. One of the men’s bodies was soon found under only about three feet of snow, but the other was buried fully fifteen feet.

This is the first accident of this character, as far as we are informed, ever occurring in Owyhee county. Snow slides occur here rather infrequently, and are usually not heavy. The snow fall is still light here in the mountains and a slide so early in the season seldom occurs. Had the men followed the usual trail they would not have been caught.

But little is known of the victims here in DeLamar. Mullaney [sic] had a brother in Silver, who took charge of the remains, taking them to his home at Glenn’s Ferry, for burial.

Nichols came here from Idaho City.

Source: DeLamar Nugget, January 5, 1895.

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