Z.E. Brown

A Prominent Minneapolitan, Died Monday in California.

Zelora E. Brown died at Los Angeles, Cal., whither he had gone for his health, on Monday, 30th ult., at 5 p.m.

Mr. Brown was born Feb. 9, 1834, and had therefore completed his 54th year at the time of his death. In his earlier years he was a farmer, in which pursuit he secured only the usual reward. He was known and remembered all over the state as agent for many years for Griswold’s fanning mills. He came to Minneapolis in 1879 and for four years afterward continued to trade for Mr. Griswold. In 1874 he had his advent into the real estate business with an office with Gale & Co., and in a year or two joined with the last H.O. Hamlin in forming the firm of Hamlin & Brown.

This connection continued for about eight years, during which time the firm did a very large and profitable business in real estate and loans. Hamlin & Brown’s office was for a long time in the basement under the Security Bank, and there it is probable that both members of the firm contracted the diseases which, manifested in different forms, carried them to their graves. In 1884 the firm was dissolved and Mr. Brown took a trip to Europe to get rid of the malaria which the physicians supposed him to have. He came back not greatly improved in health, but shortly after his return began to recover and was in possession of his old vigor and health up to about eight months ago, when a mental shock gave him a congestive chill, which recurred until they undermined his wonderful constitution and finally ended his life.

Zelora E. Brown was a good citizen, an earnest and consistent Christian and a model business man. He was an earnest and whole-souled man, and whatever he had to do he did it with his might. He was of those who have built this city, plucky, forceful, wise, and he met his last enemies, disease and death, with the same high courage with which he met difficulties and disaster in his earlier years.

He leaves a widow and two sons, one of whom, Clarence, was with his father at the time of his death. Mrs. Brown and Walter got ready to go to him when the telegrams were received stating that the need was too near for them to hope to reach Los Angeles before it came. Mr. Brown was a member and until the last year of his life trustee of the First Baptist Church of this city, and the funeral will be held at that church as soon as the remains shall arrive. The time of the services will be announced thereafter.

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune, February 1, 1888.


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