Amity News

AMITY, Ore., Dec. 1.—(Special to The Statesman)—Mrs. John Walling and grandson, Jack Cole, were killed yesterday morning in the railroad wreck at Celilo, just west of The Dalles.

Mrs. Walling had been at Madras with her daughter, Mrs. Lloyd Cole, whose health was poor, and they were on their way to The Dalles and home when the fatal accident occurred. Mrs. Walling is well known here, and is the wife of J.W. Walling who is the mail carrier on route 2 and has lived in this community most of her life.

Her daughter, Mrs. Lloyd Cole’s home is in McMinnville, the wife of Lloyd Cole who is with the Standard Oil company in that city, she having two children, a boy 5 years old, Jack, who was killed and a small baby girl who escaped unhurt. A son, Norman Walling, of Panama, is the only other child who survives Mrs. Walling.

Source: Oregon Statesman, November 3, 1921.


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