Highway Robbery.

James Mullaney, known to our readers as the confidential man of C. Jacobs & Co., Boise City merchants, returned to that place a few days ago from a business trip to Montana, by stage. He relates that his only fellow passenger was one Polak, of Illinois, who was on his way back there with $850 in coin. On the stage were the express boxes from Virginia City—one a way and the other a through box—the first with about $1800 in it, the latter with over $10,000. When a hundred miles beyond Port Neuf Cañon, three masked highwaymen stopped the stage, ordered the driver to throw out the express box, and the passengers to alight—at the same time covering them with their Henry rifles. The driver threw out the way box; Polak surrendered his total sum in coin; but Mullaney, who had $300 in greenbacks in his pocket, protested his innocence of anything valuable so stoutly, and offered himself for search with so earnest an air, that the robbers believed him, and let him slide unsearched. After getting this booty they ordered the driver to go on. By his cleverness the Express box with $10,000 was saved. At the next station alarm was given, and six mounted men, well armed, started after the robbers. Mullaney thinks they are the same who robbed Raney and Welch last fall, and killed the latter after having robbed him.

Source: Idaho Semi-Weekly World, June 3, 1868.

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