Enjoyable Celebration of Golden Wedding

Many Friends Remember Mr. and Mrs. Mead with Gifts.

Mr. and Mrs. Eli Mead are celebrating the 50th or golden anniversary at their home, No. 129 Ball street, this afternoon and evening. Fifty friends of this estimable couple joined with them in the pleasant social affair in commemoration of a half century of married life.

In honor of the occasion, the house was prettily decorated with Christmas greens, and during the day, Mr. and Mrs. Mead were the recipients of hearty congratulations as well as numerous gifts including several gold pieces.

Mr. Mead and Miss Sarah C. Bross were united in marriage on December 24th, 1867, by the Rev. H.S. Lloyd of the Port Jervis Baptist Church, and since that time, they have lived in this city. Their five children, Mrs. James Morgan of Summitville; Mrs. Justin Litts, of Port Jervis; Mr. Elliott Mead, of Rochester; Mr. Eli Mead and Mr. Everitt Mead, of Matamoras, were all home with their parents and joined in the celebration. Mr. Mead is 83 year of age and Mrs. Mead, 72.

Mrs. Litts was married on December 23, 1916, and Mrs. Morgan on December 25th, 1893, so the golden wedding also served as a family reunion and celebration of the daughters’ marriages.

A fine dinner was served at 2 p.m. Among the guests were Mrs. Margaret J. Wainwright, of Sparrowbush, who was the bridesmaid at the wedding 50 years ago, and the Rev. and Mrs. F.S. Simmons. There were many guests in attendance from out of town.

Source: Port Jervis Evening Gazette, December 24, 1917.

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