Important Appointment

Dr. E.H. Rorick of Fayette Made Member of Board of Administration—Qualifications and Efficient Service Record Won Appointment—Board Controls Eighteen State Institutions

Dr. E.H. Rorick of Fayette, was appointed a member of the State Board of Administration by Governor Willis Monday. This board manages and controls the eighteen state institutions which include the hospital for the insane, epiliptics [sic], the Institution for the Feeble Minded, the penitentiary, reformatory and the boys and girls industrial schools. The pay roll of the employees under their control amounts to more than a million and one half dollars, annually. The total sum to be expended annually by this board is nearly five million dollars.

The State Board of Administration is composed of four members, no more than two of which can belong to the same political party. The law requires that the members of this board shall live in Columbus and devote their entire time to the duties of the office. So Fulton county for the next four years will lose its genial Dr. Rorick. The board has in its custody more than 22,000 persons.

There were four aspirants for the appointment, among them being Newton Miller, one of the governor’s intimate friends and personal advisers. It was Dr. Rorick’s qualifications that won for him the appointment.

Dr. Rorick has spent many years of study in the best medical schools of America and spent one year in Europe at the leading hospitals studying insanity, epileptic and feeble minded cases. In practicing his profession here he was a very successful physician.

For nine years Dr. Rorick served as superintendent of the State Hospital at Athens, where he made a record for economy and efficiency that attracted the attention of the State. In one of the issues of the Ohio State Journal appeared a large picture with the words below it, “The watch dog of the State treasury.”

From Athens Dr. Rorick went to Columbus, where he became superintendent of the Institution for the Feeble Minded, which position he held for two years winning much praise for efficient service.

To be an efficient member of the State Board of Administration requires more than possessing the knowledge of how to properly treat and care for the unfortunates intrusted [sic] to its care, important as that is, it requires that the member possess executive and financial ability in a marked degree. Dr. Rorick meets all these requirements and Gov. Willis is to be congratulated upon this appointment. It is the State of Ohio that is being served.

This is one of the most important positions in the State and Fulton county is to be congratulated that she could produce a citizen who could measure up so well to all the requirements. The salary of the office was reduced by the past legislature from $5,000 to $4,000 a year and expenses.

Source: Fulton County Tribune, February 4, 1916.

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