“One More Unfortunate”

Edith Burrows of Tappentown Becomes Weary of Life and Shuffles Off the Mortal Coil With a Loaded Revolver.

A veritable sensation was created at Tappentown, a small settlement on the Clove road about one mile below Carpenters Point, this morning, by the announcement that Edith, the sixteen-year-old daughter of Alexander Burrows, proprietor of a small hotel and blacksmith shop in that place, had taken her own life.

At about eleven o’clock this morning the report of a pistol shot was heard from the upper portion of the house.  Mr. and Mrs. Burrows who were home at the time went directly to the bed room of their daughter where they found the unfortunate girl stretched out upon a bed with a smoking pistol by her side.

The ball had entered her breast and penetrated the right lung, inflicting a mortal wound, and she died about one hour after the shot had been fired, and before medical assistance could be summoned.

The motive which prompted the deed can only be conjectured. Some clue is furnished by a letter which was found in the room and which evidently had been written just before the fatal shot was fired as the ink with which it had been written had not yet dried.  This letter was addressed to Allie Davis a young railroader living at Carpenters Point and in it the writer bids her (presumed) sweet heart good by [sic] and deplores the necessity which impels her to suicide.  This is its general purport.

We understand that Justice of the Peace Sandford Nearpass of Montague, who is also coroner, is now holding the question of an inquest under advisement.  Dr. W.H. Cuddeback, who was called in, after the girl died, after due examination, granted a death certificate. 

Source:  Port Jervis Union, April 21, 1891. 

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